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Adult's Program

The adults program focuses on Self Defense.

From the very first class students learn techniques to defend themselves from an attacker. First they learn about keeping their distance from a possible attacker and the different attacking ranges. Along with learning about distance students learn how to read an attackers motion and intent so that they can figure out as early as possible what the attacker is going to do. Once they have an understanding of these concepts they learn some basic karate to work on form and balance, then judo to learn how to fall and throw. Next they learn how to break away from grabs and how to use joint locks to control an opponent.

At the more advanced levels students learn not only how to defend but how to attack as well. They learn how to close the distance on an attacker quickly and effectively and once inside to either attack or seek a finger or wrist for a submission. Advanced students also learn to defend against and attack with weapons, and to use nerve striking to maximize attacks.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like some more information.

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