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Big Three Seminar
Bellevue, Washington

This years Big Three seminar, in Bellevue Washington, was just as good as those in years past. The combination of Small Circle Jujitsu, pressure points, and Arnis all in one seminar is hard to beat. The seminar ran for six hours, with two hours devoted to each system. The instrutors were Stan Miller, George Dillman, and Remy Presas. All three were incredible, showing a wide range of techniques. Before Master Presas' session, the host Murlino Hufana, and his school put on an impressive demonstation with eight students all doing techniques at the same time.

The three instructors: Remy Presas, Stan Miller, and George Dillman.

George Dillman prepares for a knockout while he explains the technique.

Remy Presas demonstrates a wrist lock.

This is the seminar's host, Murlino Hufana, before the demonstration.

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