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Small Circle JujitsuTM
Summer Camp '99

The camp was held June 25-27 at the Landmark School in Beverly, Mass. Like last year, Sensei Ed Melaugh and his dojo New England Small Circle JujitsuTMAcademy, hosted the camp. Professor Jay was there and was looking good, and seems to be recovering well from his surgery last year. Small Circle inheritors Ed Melaugh, Ron Ogi, and Leon Jay all taught some great seminars in a wide range of areas. Some of the other instructors were, Mark Tuthill, Stan Miller, Clare Sullivan, Harry Curtis, and Dave Castoldi. In all 17 instructors taught during the camp. All of the instructors taught good classes, using the principles of Small Circle, so that all of the classes complimented each other.

From Portland Small Circle Sensei Stan Miller, Jeremiah Reinmiller, Jim Patrick and Mike Wakimatsu attended the camp. The Sensei Miller, Jeremiah, and Jim left on Wednesday June 23rd. Sensei Melaugh graciously let them stay at his house on Wednesday and Thursday nights. They trained at Sensei Melaugh's dojo on Thursday and had a great time while they learned a lot. They attended the camp Friday - Sunday and got train at Sensei Melaugh's dojo again on Tuesday morning before flying back to Portland. All three had a great time and highly recommend the camp to anyone interested in learning some great skills and having a wonderful weekend.

Sensei Miller teaching the close.
Sensei Melaugh shuts down an opponent.
Jim with Professor and Sensei Jay.

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