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Sensei Ed Melaugh Seminar
Portland, Oregon 1999

View a RealPlayer slide show with audio from the seminar

Ed Melaugh, Mark Tuthill, and Harry Curtis were all in town on December 5th to teach a 2 hour seminar at the PSCJ dojo. Because the seminar was kept small all of the students got hands on training with the instructors.
The seminar worked on the close. Starting with reading motion and entering on the attacker, the seminar soon moved on to striking and kicking while locking, then takedowns and even some transitional locking at the end.
A big thank you to all 3 instructors as this was a very fast trip for them. After teaching in Alameda, CA that morning they flew up to Portland taught the seminar and then flew home an hour later to teach at their schools the next day. Whew, what a trip!

Ed Melaugh. In back Mark Tuthill and Harry Curtis.

Ed Melaugh showing a finger lock

Ed Melaugh teaching the mount

Mark Tuthill showing how to trap

Harry Curtis demonstrating a leg kick

These are the people that were at the seminar.

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