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1st Annual PSCJ NW Training Camp. Oct 25 & 26.

Portland Small Circle Jujitsu
Northwest Training Camp

PSCJ held their NW Training Camp on October 25 and 26, 2003. The camp was held at the PSCJ Dojo.

We had a good turn out for the camp. A number of students came to participate, from both the Portland and Seattle areas. The students trained all day Saturday and a half day Sunday in a number of different areas. Students learned the details of efficient closing. They learned how to control opponents and strike to obtain locks and throws. They then learned how to close, defend against and disarm opponents with weapons. In the final session on Saturday they learned how to quick apply handcuffs to restrain an opponent as well as group strategies for controlling an assailant.

On Sunday the students applied the techniques they had learned in attack situations. The students had to close, strike, lock, and disarm attackers. The attackers were dressed in fully padded equipment so that students could learn how to use their techniques with greater speed and force.

All of the students had a very good time, and learned a lot. They are all looking forward to the next camp to be held in 2004.

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