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Sightless Self-Defense Program

The Sightless Self-Defense(SSD) Program has been running since 1997 at PSCJ. A large number of students have successfully completed introductory programs, and more classes are getting started.

With SSD everything focuses on touch, sensitivity, and control. Students learn right away how to use their hands to see for them, and how to tell where any part of the body is from a single touch on an opponent. Once contact has been made they learn ways to stay on their attacker through locks and holds.

All of the techniques in SSD focus on being at very close range to an opponent. At this close range students learn to use elbows, knees, and the like to incapacitate their attacker or to lock or choke them out.

Because all of the students in SSD are sight impaired it is nearly impossible for them to close on an opponent, in most cases they must wait for the attacker to make the initial movement, so they learn protective stances to cover up and wait for the attack. This does not mean, though, that the student need stand helplessly by while they are hassled or threatened. An important factor for the blind is to have the right attitude when dealing with a situation. Raising their voice and talking to their attacker and behaving in a confident manner can do a lot in changing the attackers perspective that a blind person is a helpless victim.

Along with learning how to defend themselves, students learn balance and mobility, as well as how to roll and fall. In addition they learn how to be aware of their surroundings using all of the senses available to them.

These skills not only make a blind person able to defend themselves but gives them increased confidence and health in their daily lives.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like some more information.

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