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On April 21st, the Lotus Self-Defense School, in Bend, Oregon, hosted Portland Small Circle Jujitsu for two seminars. Sensei Stan Miller, Jeremiah Reinmiller, and Tom Ashford went to Bend to teach the seminars.

In the morning session there was a Sightless Self-Defense (SSD) seminar. The class was part of a weekend event for a group of visually impaired people. This event was held at the Inn at the Seventh Mountain, 8 students, which ranged in age from 10 to mid 20s, travelled to the Lotus dojo for the two hour seminar. The students worked on Touch Sight, mobility, balance, covering, position, and a number of other aspects of SSD. Here student Robert works on defending against a choke applied by Instructor Tom Ashford.

The afternoon session was a class on Small Circle Jujitsu. In about three hours they covered finger, wrist, and armbars. As well as some lowerbody attacks, and various mug defenses. There were nine students in the class, most from Bend, Oregon. All of the students did very well, and the three hours seemed to fly by in no time. We are all hoping to be able to return to Bend again and train more with these great people.

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