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Located in Portland, Oregon.
We teach Small Circle JujitsuTM from a street self-defense stand point.

About Small Circle Jujitsu

Small Circle Jujitsu was created by Professor Wally Jay. Prof. Jay took traditional jujitsu techniques and refined them to be more efficient and effective. The system he developed focuses on joint manipulation to control an opponent with maximum results through minimum effort. This system is based on principles rather than forms so that students learn how their techniques effect an opponent and how to properly execute techniques based on principles; rather than learning by copying the movements of others or by performing preset movements. In August of 2002, Leon Jay inherited the Small Circle Jujitsu system from his father, and has since continued the furtherment of Small Circle Jujitsu.

Small Circle Jujitsu has been furthered developed by other instructors, including, Ed Melaugh, Ron Ogi, and Stan Miller. These instructors have expanded on the joint manipulation developed by Prof. Jay and added in elements of striking, closing, and weapon defense, among others. These additions have made Small Circle Jujitsu an even more well rounded martial art that can defend against any type of attack.

About Portland Small Circle Jujitsu

Portland Small Circle Jujitsu (PSCJ) was founded by Sensei Stan Miller to teach effective street self-defense. Sensei Miller has been involved in the martial arts since 1976 and has been teaching since 1983.

Sensei Miller first met Prof. Jay in 1980. Right away Sensei Miller recognized the effectiveness of Small Circle Jujitsu, and was drawn to Prof. Jay's open manner of teaching. He has been training in Small Circle Jujitsu ever since. A few years later Prof. Jay asked Sensei Miller to change the name of his school from then Portland Jujitsu, to Portland Small Circle Jujitsu, and become a direct student of Prof. Jay. Since then Sensei Miller has taught Small Circle Jujitsu and demonstrated with Prof. Jay at many camps and seminars across the United States. He has instructed with such top instructors as George Dillman, Remy Presas, Ed Melaugh, Ron Ogi, Dave Castoldi, and others. In 2000 Sensei Miller was promoted by Prof. Jay to the rank of Yondan in Small Circle Jujitsu.

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