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This section holds information and photos on the professors and senseis that have influenced and inspired PSCJ to be what it is today, and will continue to strive for in the years to come.

Professor Wally Jay (1917 - 2011)
Prof. Jay was the founder of Small Circle JujitsuTM. He passed away in May 2011 at the age of 93.
He held a 10th degree black belt in Jujitsu and a 6th degree in Judo. Prof. Jay revolutionized jujitsu by focusing on efficiency rather than on tradition and by utilizing the techniques of other styles to improve his system. His open way of teaching and friendly personality led to Prof. Jay gaining many friends as well as students throughout the martial arts community. His principles laid the groundwork for Small Circle JujitsuTM that other instructors continue to teach and build upon to this day.
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Prof. Jay

Sensei Ed Melaugh
Sensei Melaugh is one of the top instructors in Small Circle JujitsuTM. He has an 8th degree Black Belt in Small Circle JujitsuTM under Prof. Jay, and a 6th degree black belt from Jujitsu America. His teachers include Sensei Dave Castoldi, Professor Wally Jay, and Sijo James Demile.
Sensei Melaugh was one of the first instructors to build upon Prof. Jay's principles and develop methods to effectively achieve locks and controlling movements while in motion against an attacker. His method of teaching incorporates striking and locking with the street self-defense style of his instructor Sensei Dave Castoldi. He has taught Small Circle JujitsuTM around the world for both martial artists and government agencies.
He is the head sensei of the New England Small Circle JujitsuTM Academy in Woburn, Mass.
Sensei Melaugh

Ron Ogi
Mr. Ogi is the founder of O.G.I. (Omniscient Gungfu Infighting). His principle based system of closing, trapping, striking, and locking focuses on increasing the efficiency of his student's techniques without being encumbered by many of the aspects of other martial arts. He is one of the top instructors in the world for trapping and hand-to-hand fighting and his techniques quickly increase the effectiveness of any martial artist's close range fighting skills. He is the senior instructor in Wing Chun Do Gung Fu under James Demile. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in the same system, as well as a 5th degree black belt in Small Circle JujitsuTM. His teachers include Sijo James W. Demile and Professor Wally Jay.
He teaches martial arts privately in Hawaii where he runs a video production business.
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Sibok Ogi

Sensei Dave Castoldi
Sensei Castoldi has nearly 40 years experience in a wide range of styles including, jujitsu, judo, kung fu, professional wrestling, and bare knuckles street fighting. He holds a 6th degree in jujitsu, a 1st degree in Karate, and a 3rd degree in judo. His instructors include Albert J. Castoldi, John Hogan, Master Win Chil Wu, and Professor Wally Jay.
After seeing one of Prof. Jay's demonstrations and feeling the effectiveness of Prof Jay's techniques, Sensei Castoldi quickly realized the advantages that Prof. Jay's techniques offered. Since then he has incorporated Prof. Jay's techniques into his own style of street self-defense. Sensei Castoldi's style focuses on dealing with realistic situations and encounters with attackers, especially weapon defense and muggings.
He teaches at his club Newton YMCA Jujitsu.
Sensei Castoldi

Sensei Leon Jay
Sensei Jay is one of Professor Wally Jay's sons and the inheritor of Small Circle JujitsuTM. He has studied for most of his life in Small Circle JujitsuTM, Kodenkan Jujitsu and Kodokan Judo. He has also studied the pressure point system of George Dillman. Sensei Jay holds six black belts including a 9th degree in Small Circle JujitsuTM and a 5th degree in Tuite from Master George Dillman. Sensei Jay's style focuses on incorporating the pressure point applications of Tuite and the effective locks of Small Circle Jujitsu. He teaches seminars throughout the United States and Europe.
He teaches at his dojo in Surrey, England.
Sensei Jay

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