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Leon Jay Seminar Feb 26, 2005

Date and Times:
New Times!
Saturday Feb 26th
10:30 am - 1:30 pm

Seminar Details:
This is the first official seminar in 2005 for Professor Jay's Small Circle Jujitsu. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to train with Small Circle Jujitsu's Inheritor and Grandmaster, Professor Leon Jay. Professor Jay will be teaching different aspects of Small Circle Jujitsu including how to utilize pressure points for both striking and locking as well as the locking techniques of Small Circle Jujitsu. Along with the seminar Professor Jay will also be doing evaluations for certification in Small Circle Jujitsu.

The Instructor:
Professor Leon Jay (9th Degree Black Belt), the son of Wally and Bernice Jay, has been training in the martial arts for over 47 years, having begun at the age of two in his father's dojo. Apart from the obvious advantage of a lifetime's training at the hands of Professor Wally Jay, Leon has had access to many teachers of exceptional talent and accomplishment, including: Master George Dillman and Prof. Remy Presas. Prof. Jay's style incorporates the pressure point applications of Tuite and the effective locks of Small Circle Jujitsu. He teaches seminars throughout the United States and Europe, and currently resides in Surrey, England.


  • PSCJ Members - $40

  • Non-Members - $50

Space for the seminar is extremely limited, so register now to reserve your spot.

Seminar Location:
New Location!
Camp Withycombe
Portland Police Defensive Tactics Training Room
10101 SE Clackamas Rd
Clackamas, Or 97015

Click the map below for directions to the seminar

For more information contact us.

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