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Overview of Portland Small Circle Jujitsu

The style taught at PSCJ is Small Circle Jujitsu TM, which incorporates Wing Chun, and classical ju-jitsu mixed with some Arnis, Aikido, and Tae Kwon Do. Our system takes the best of other styles and incorporates it into our style to form an effective fighting system.

Our style focuses on self defense against all manner of attacks. From unarmed opponents to attacks from sticks, knives, baseball bats, and guns. We teach not only unarmed defense but also defending with weapons, and using your surroundings to aid in your defense. This could come in using one attacker against another, stripping an attacker of his weapon and using it for your own, or using your own clothing (such as a belt or jacket) to defend against your attackers.

We not only focus on stopping attackers but also on controlling our opponents through joint manipulation in the form of wrist, finger, arm and leg locks, and through chokes and other forms of pain compliance.

We teach students from age 5 and up. Each age group has a program designed specifically for them.

Our Junior's program is for children ages 7-15. They learn to stay away from strangers and who to go to for help. Along with being aware of strangers they learn how to roll and fall. Classes spend a good deal of time practicing kicking and striking and working on flexibility, balance, and flow. Children also learn how to throw opponents and control them with locks. In addition they work on wrestling, sparring, and forms.

Adults learn self defense concepts and application. Beginning with defenses against unarmed opponents, they learn to kick and strike as well as how to roll, fall and throw. Right away they begin to learn locks and submissions so that not only can they incapacitate an attacker, but control one as well. Once they have advanced, they move on to defending against weapons and multiple attackers, and using weapons themselves.

Classes focus on building speed and reaction time as well as training and heightening sensitivity and power. All students learn to read an opponent's motion and intent so that they can know how to respond as early in any situation as possible. Students are also taught according to their body types( height, weight, age) so that each person may use techniques most efficient for them. Younger students may learn more kicks and speed related techniques while an older person may learn tighter controlling movements and closer range techniques.

Our goal is for a student at any age to be able to read a situation and then be able to take whatever action is appropriate to keep themselves safe.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like some more information.

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